Principals Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to Scoil Naomh Cianain in Cushinstown. It is a privilege to be entrusted with the education of your children during the most important and formative years of their lives. We wish to ensure that the transition from home to school is a happy experience for your child and they are educated to the fullest of their potential. We look forward to working together as partners. As parents, you are most welcome to discuss matters relating to the development of your child/ren.

I hope that this booklet provides you with essential information about the day to day functioning of the school as well as the activities, initiatives and committees which make our school community a special one.

We look forward to seeing you regularly and to building a happy and productive relationship with you during the course of your child’s education in this school.

Colm Naughton,

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Norman Castles

Norman Castles

5th and 6th class have been learning about the Normans in history. The pupils have been working very hard to create their own Norman castles. Look at their battlements, drawbridges and portcullis', we think they turned out great!

Bring & Buy Sale

Bring & Buy Sale

We are holding our "Bring & Buy Sale" on Friday 28th October at 1.30pm to 3pm. Pupils are invited to wear Halloween costumes. All Welcome.

About Our School

Scoil Naomh Cianain was first registered as ‘Cushenstown School’ back in 1841. The original school house was located across the road from the current building and was there until 1934. The school building we have today was built around 1934 and consisted of two rooms, divided by a partition. The building was heated with an open fire lit daily in each room by the pupils when necessary. There were very few facilities until the 1970s when electricity and mains water became available to the school. In 1975 a Board of Management consisting of teachers, the church and parents was set up under the chairmanship of the Parish Priest. This group set about improving facilities and equipment at the school and required much fund-raising.  In the period 1867-2000 almost 1200 pupils have been enrolled in the school.